Monday, April 28, 2014

The stomach saga...

"Ouch this hurts..." -me ;)

(waiting for the operation)

The stomach saga:

        So about two months ago the doctors removed my mic-key button from my stomach. A mic-key button is a feeding tube that is placed to put nutrition into your stomach to help you gain weight. I've had it for probably two years, but no longer need it. When they removed it it left a hole in my stomach that would presumably heal on its own. So I covered it with gauze and tape during the day and let it "air" during the night.  And it leaked and it leaked... Every time I'd eat or drink anything. Yes it was gross. It wasn't healing.

        So to KC we went and they went inside my stomach and clamped the hole shut saying "That should help it heal." And over a week went by and it leaked and it leaked...

        So back to KC we went.  They then cauterized it. That lasted about a day... then it started to leak yet again.

        So back to KC we went again.  And this time they sewed it up.  After several tries to get an IV in my port, off to surgery I went. They had to cut open my stomach (a small incision) and sewed the inside of my stomach up and then sewed the incision closed.

        I am hoping this time it'll stay closed and heal properly. However at this moment lying in bed I feel like I am recovering from a c-section (though I know that would feel ten times worse and have a much bigger incision).  I am so sore. I can't stand up straight and it hurts so bad to cough. I didn't realize how many stomach muscles we use to simply shift positions or move until now!

        I am grateful though this is finally done. Crossing my fingers I have no other issues with it. And I'm hoping the soreness and pain go away soon.  I am on a liquid diet for a week, so bring on the soup and shakes! Though I'm pretty sure the next few days my husband is going to make me lay in bed... I'm too stubborn to let that last too long. ;)

        On a lighter note, in the waiting room they make us double check our names on our arm bands... Well, this old man was asked to check his and he goes, "John Wayne. Yup. They got it right." Everyone laughed! Oh the little moments in life. Made me giggle. ;)

Much love.
~Julie Jean

P.s. Thank you to my mom and my Joe for taking me back and forth to KC so many times! Blessed. ♡