Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Four years ago I said "Yes"

"When  I saw you I fell in love, and you smiled because you knew."  - Shakespeare

(April 21, 2011)

        Four years ago I was on continuous supplemental oxygen.  I didn't know if I would ever get off.  I prayed each night that someday I would be released from the shackles of tubes and the ball & chain of oxygen tanks.  It was a hope that I was afraid to let go of.
    I was blessed to be dating a wonderful man who loved me no matter what.  He looked past the tubes, tanks, health problems, and stress and just loved me.  Well, four years ago today that man asked me to marry him.
        Everything seemed normal as we were getting out of the car from a late date.  It was just after midnight, so it was dark out and the street light shined down upon us with a blueish glow.  I was walking ahead of him ready to get inside my parent's house.  He was getting my extra tank out of the car, but quickly spoke up.  He stopped me on the sidewalk, under the tree by the edge of the street, by saying, "Julie, wait..."  I turned around.  He walked up to me, obviously nervous, and put down the tank.  I honestly remember the gentle breeze blowing around us in a few seconds of silence.  It was surreal; like a scene from a book.  We were standing face to face, oxygen tank humming, and our eyes locked on each other.  He took my hands in his and said, "I know I finally met the person that I want to take care of me; and I want to take care of you."  
        My heart melted.  Those words meant the world to me.  Because of my health so many people had taken care of me throughout my life and I wanted to feel that I was needed and able to take care of someone else.  I had expressed that to him before and he remembered.  So his words deeply touched my heart.  He then got down on one knee, pulled out a ring box, opened it, and asked, "Julie Jean, will you marry me?"  I couldn't believe it.  I thought he would be proposing soon, but I was still surprised.  I of course said, "Yes," and screamed a little bit in excitement.  We both smiled the biggest smiles.  He put the ring on me and I was in shock with how beautiful it was.  It was exactly what I hoped for - our birth stones with a beautiful diamond!  We then stood there in the dark just holding each other for a few moments.
        I was purposed to while on oxygen and was married while on oxygen.  And now we've been happily married for three beautiful years... and I'm off oxygen.  Gone with those shackles and chains!
        I just wanted to take a moment and relive this sweet memory.  It will always stand out for me.  It wasn't an elaborate or over the top proposal.  It was simple, intimate, and perfect.  I loved it that way.  A special moment shared between us.

        Thank you, dearest, for loving me no matter what.  I love you, Joe.

~Julia Jean