Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Ablation: check

"My heart was burned and it left a scar... no, literally!" Ha! ;)

        I'm out!! :)  Got my heart ablation.  They said it went well and they think they fixed the problem. Yay!!
        Beforehand they told us the most difficult part usually was getting the heart to start racing and then locate the problem...  Well, I guess afterward they told Joe all they had to do was bump it and it got it going and they could see exactly where the problem was. I kinda knew that part would be easy. ;)
        I guess there's a 5% chance the problem could return, but they are pretty dang sure it won't. :)  So glad it's done!!!
        So here we are in my hospital room. I have to lay flat and completely straight for four hours... I've got about an hour left. So other than my lower back hurting like crazy, I'm feeling fine! :) And I'm hungry. ;)
        So I'm spending the night to be monitored... which is good.  The doctor said he thinks I can be discharged about 9am, so I'll probably get out about noon. ;)  Hehe!  Then we're headed home!
        So I think that's all I've got to say.  Thank You, Lord, for letting it all work out!  I'm also so lucky my husband is always by my side!  I love him!  And thank you all for your prayers!!!      

Much love,
~Julie Jean

Monday, July 15, 2013

Surprise, surprise...

"Here we go..."

        So here's what's happening... As most of you know, I'm in Dallas for my monthly checkup.  My lungs are fine, x-ray was fine, I sound fine, and pft's were fine.  However during my pft test my heart started racing again. I guess I blew too hard trying to get a higher number. Too determined.  ;)  My heart raced for over three freakin hours this time! Ugh.  So uncomfortable!
        So they took an EKG and we've all talked and have decided to go ahead and get the heart ablation over and done with.  It's scheduled for noon tomorrow.  Surprise!
        They are going to first use what they call twilight anesthesia, so I'll be loopy but awake. If I can hold absolutely still (while I'm mostly out of it) then they won't have to intubate me...but if I can't, then they will have to intubate me. Sigh.  However the ENT said he'd use the smallest tube, so hopefully it won't cause more damage to my vocal chords.
        Anyway, they say the operation takes two hours. I am scared, but I know it's pretty routine.  Have to keep reminding myself of that.  I'll spend the night afterward in the hospital and if everything is fine I'll leave the next day.  So we'll be in town a little longer than expected. So please do me a favor and pray for us... and that the operation goes well.  Thank you!!
        In some ways, I'm glad to get it done, then I won't have to worry about it anymore!  But I'm also so nervous.  Maybe it's best this way, because I don't have much time to worry about it.  Ha! ;)

Much love,
~Julie Jean